We opened our advertising graphics studio in September 2009, 1 month after the foundation of our Ltd., at Dohány u. 57th store, 2 minutes walk from Blah. The graphic artist and decorator, who has taken an active role in the company, has been engaged in advertising graphic design and production since 2003.


In our advertising graphics studio, we strive to ensure that the graphic products and services we provide meet the requirements of art, aesthetics, color dynamics and marketing requirements.


In our team you will find an experienced decorator and graphic artist who will help you realize your individual ideas! If you need subject photography or web animation, feel free to contact us, our friends and partners provide high quality service in the latter areas!


As for our choice of name, the pixel (or pixel) is the basic unit of computer imaging, displaying the image as a grid structure. To our knowledge, the suffix “encia” forms nouns from certain Latin verbs (e.g., audiencia, excellencia), but we admit that we were not fully aware of the latter fact when choosing the name.


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